domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


This is my favorite indie video ;D

Indie music

This is my final presentation from level 3. The topic is Indie Music, this a different kind of music and it is my favorite too. 

More PowerPoint presentations from Kelly

It was so funny do this homework because, I learn a lot and I have a good time at same time. 

I hope you ejoy it and learn more about the things that i like it ;)

Just give me Coffee n' Tv**

lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Comparing cities

This two cities are very different. as you can see, Moscu is more expensive than Antananarivo.
Moscu is one of the biggest city in Russia so, the number of population is around 10.562.099. 
The weather is always changing, It depends of the season. It could be 10°C to 30°C in summer, and -50°C in winter. There are a lot of pollution, traffic and crime. In Antananarivo we can see that the life there is cheaper than Moscu and the number of population is only 1.403.449. The weather doesn't change too much, 19°C almost all the year. They have textile industries that it doesn't produce too much pollution. The city is not crowd, 
because there aren't many different kinds of transportation. This city is safer than Moscu, and they have 
a better type of life.

Where do you prefer to live? 

domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

How to give directions

In this homework we have to put the names of some 
places near my house and give directions but, there aren't too many 
locations so, I describe another area where are a lot of marketing.

How to go from Mia' Pizza to Centro De Medicina Familiar:
Walk four blocks until you get to twelve avenue then, turn right. 
The hospital is on the left. It's on the corner of seventeen st. and twelve avenue.

How to go from Dominios' Pizzas to Preschool Vagabondi:
Walk sixty seven st. until you get to thirteen avenue. Turn right. The preschool is on the left, between La esperanza and Cecilio Acosta avenue.

How to go from Secretaria de Educancion Del Estado Zulia to Gran Hotel Delicias:
Walk sixty nine st until 3H avenue. Turn left. Walk two blocks. The hotel is on the left, between seventy one st. and seventy st.